12, March 2017

Today, I went to our school fellowship for the first time. OMG! I was taken aback when I entered, but why? That was because the kind of dresses girls wore to the fellowship.

After the fellowship ends, I was accosted by this fine guy, Damn! His name is Fred. Fred is tall, dark and handsome. He obviously is a kind of a man young girls dream about. I tried to hide the fact that I liked him first sight and gave him no chance for long talks. Though we exchanged names but I declined his request for my phone number. Chai! This guy is cute. I lost my breath for a minute.

Biola (chemistry), Belinda (Law), Cynthia (Business admin), remember them? My room mates. They were already in the room when I entered, so we started a detailed introduction in an attempt to knowing better of ourselves. It was fun anyway.

I didn’t do much after that, just stayed in my corner arranging things and getting ready for my first lecture tomorrow. Yeah, yippee!!! I’ll be attending lectures first time tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

That was how today went.

Tomorrow things.
Busola Philips



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