It was in the school hostel, almost everyone had slept. Usually, I don’t fall easily or let me say too quick into the arms of morpheus but I was lying in bed.

Joshua, who was my classmate came in that night not having a place to rest his head. He asked if he could share bed with me and I didn’t decline his request because I see nothing wrong sharing bed with a fellow guy. He mounted the bunk and slept behind me.

Sleep was almost taking me away when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in the lower orifice of my alimentary canal, I jumped up in fleet, with grimaces that tell of my anger and disappointment. I asked him in a stuttering voice “What are you trying to do?”. He began to beg, pleading I shouldn’t expose him and promised never to attempt such again.

I left the bed to find a safe place to rest my head, but I barely could close my eyes that night as thoughts of that scenario lingers in my head. It was that very day I made up my mind that when I become a father, I’ll never send my child to a boarding house.



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