My name is Philips Oluwabusola, an eighteen years old undergraduate. I just got admission this year to study Microbiology in a private university in Nigeria. My dream is to be a fashion designer, but my parents wanted me to work in an hospital be it as a doctor, nurse or laboratory attendant.

I decided to start keeping a diary of my life as I became a university student par my mother’s advice. She said it will give me a quick and sweet reflections to every actions I take and the events that unfolds in my life on campus.

Oh! I forgot to mention I was born with silver spoon, so all my life I’ve always gotten almost everything I wanted. My Dad, Dr. Philips is a medical doctor in one of the university teaching hospitals while my mum owns one of the biggest fashion store in our state of residence (perhaps I took my love for fashion from my mum).

Well, I think I’ve done enough introduction about myself and if there is more you wanna know, you can ask me in the comment box. I’ll be starting lectures on Monday, but I’ll start inking my dairy tomorrow. 

See ya!
Busola Philips.




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