The Big Brother Show organised by Africa Magic has enjoyed a decade of transmission, It’s a show where 12 adult  strangers comprising of both female and male are kept in a fully monitored room for 11weeks for the prize of a Kia car and #25 million naira cash. The essence of this show is what I couldn’t find even though so many people always follow and enjoys the show since its inception ten years ago.

This show over the years has been a channel to promote infidelity and immorality, why it has stayed this long without broadcasting authorities standing up to them is what amazed me. Have we lost our morals and ethics as Nigerians that we now allow nudity to be televised? Why advertise immorality?


Profoundly, I’m really bothered at the level of thinking of Africans. If you’re so rich that you can’t think of a good project to lavish on, why not send succour to Sudan where they cry for food and receive the blessings attached to been benevolent . There are many inspirational and life changing shows that can be organised that can promote African talents, cultures and values rather than housing young  men and women who are so willing to unclad and engage themselves in arrant nonsensical randy act. In America, we have show like “The Big Shot” by Steve Harvey where talented kids are brought on air to announce them to world, There is also “The AGT show and the BGT”. These are programs that helps life and deserve consistency in transmission and not the disguised porn show called Big Brother Africa.

I strongly stand against this show and I believe many souls shares the same perspective as me. We already have our music artiste displaying an almost unclad ladies in their music videos, we don’t need more damage to our social system. I think it’s high time we curbed all these social vices if we crave for a better tomorrow for our children.


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