The rapturous countenance of couples whenever they walk the cathedral aisle almost can make an onlooker foretell they will be happy forever but on the contrary, some marriages even ends on the wedding day.

Before a man and a woman could agree to take a nuptial oath, I believe they must have known, if not thoroughly but almost each other’s demeanour both the good and bad. Sometimes, some people may hide their true self just to get married to that person they truly love or because such person possesses what they crave for or for some other ulterior motives and once they start seeing the other side they never knew their partner possesses, they cry for divorce. Is it right to break a oath made at the altar of God? Is divorce recommendable? Is it justifiable to file for divorce?

In Matthew 19:8-10, there Jesus christ taught about divorce. He labelled ‘divorce’ sinful and gave the only condition upon which a man or a woman can divorce his/her partner sans transgressing.

Matthew 19:8-10

From the bible passage above, it is understandable that Jesus Christ forbade divorce and gave exception, condition upon which a man or woman can divorce or be divorce which is if one commits adultery. On the contrary, many broken marriages today are caused by reasons not indicated by Christ.

There was a man who divorced his wife because she couldn’t satisfy him in bed. Thus, he went ahead to marry the bride’s maid. Some divorce for reasons that are inexcusable. Excuses  like; “she can’t cook”, “she’s too hot tempered” “he beats me everyday”. If a marriage is built upon christ, it will be difficult for such to collapse.

Most people today enter into a life commitment for fickle reasons. Reasons like the girl is beautiful, curvaceous, sexually active, or the man is rich, tall, handsome, and so many others but failing to find reasons that will make him or her love the the partner forever. Once a man or a woman enters a relationship with a reason that has expiry date, their relationship will surely hit a decline once their reason starts to fade away.

In a nutshell, divorce is a sin excess when one party commits adultery. To be on the safer side, pray well before making a choice of a life partner and you’ll never miss.


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