I let you break the door to my soul,
You savoured the flavour there in
Only you did,
But the broken door gave me pain
I let you, cos of the sweetened words
Issuing forth from your honeyed lips
I let you, cos those words tells of your love for me
And it enchants me,
It sapped me, and pets my stubborn soul

You kissed me passionately
With the girdle of your muscular arm all about me
You cooed words laced with rhythm like strains of Celine into my tender ear
I quiver like a leaf by a flowing river
As I opened the passage to my soul

You entered me, you took me
My painful moan tickles your shaft
You unleashed your manfulness over me
And I felt with all the nerve in my body,
Your shaft stirring the abyss of my hole

You quiver, like you were epileptic
This time, I heard your groan-moan
And a milky fluid from your shaft rained on my navel
Weariness engulfed my whole
I barely could raise a bone

I saw you walking to door,
Hoping a meal would follow your return
I made out of the bed to bath
And await your coming
Alas! My wait was a waste


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