Mr.kolawole Johnson got married on July 17,2012, to a woman named Juliana Omobolanle. He met her in quirk of fate when he was working as a cleaner at The Murtala Airport in Lagos.

Juliana transferred all the assets her dad bequeathed to her as the only child to her husband under a contractual agreement that he will not do anything whatsoever to sever the nuptial ties nor marry another woman. Things were going on mellowly, and there was abundance of love and tranquillity between the couple.

On a Thursday in mid August 2016,Mr Johnson received a call summoning him to make a sojourn to the village that weekend. He returned to his office on Monday with a lugubrious countenance. His secretary noticed this and walked into his office to ask him to share his worry. After a long silence of hesitation, he poured out his worry.

His elder brother just died, and as a family tradition he must marry the brother’s wife if he wants to keep his life. This has thrown him into the vale of bewilderment because apart from the fact that he loves his wife, he is bound under the Contract between his wife and himself never to take in another wife lest she will withdraw all the assets and on the other hand if he fails to marry his brother’s wife, he may die.

What do you advice he do?


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  1. Olori says:

    Let him talk it out with his wife first… Her decision matters in here before his…and since there are one, she would understand the Tradition… just an advice o

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