I Want You, Emma


I want you, Emma
I pant for all of you
From your glossy sable locks
To your adorable brown toes
I hunger for your red berry lips
To be entrapped between my teeth
I want to bury my long tongue
In the Vale of your ample breast
After a long wet stroll
From the abyss of your navel
Can you feel my heart beating
Pitter-patter as I fix my glare
Into your seraphic blue eyes
I want to hold your loins
And shadow your derrière
with my large palm
Underneath your red net panties
Soak your tongue,
In the hamlet of my mouth
Blind your sight,
As the feeling courses through your marrow
Whisper into my ear, silently loud
Take me, take me- that word
And I’ll unleash my virility anew
Upon your murky wet hole
Moan and let your sweet moan
Invoke the untamed animal in me
Sing, sing the sonorous sound of ecstasy
With my name as the lyrics 
And after this, I’ll still want you
Crave for more like the Twist
More and more of you
All of you, Emma


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