I met this girl through a friend, my course mate one afternoon inside a lecture room. After that moment, she began to pop up in my mind for she was a vision of comeliness.

I told my close pal, an engineering student that we share a room together about this girl, giving well detailed description. He told me he knows her very well. He said the girl is a friend to the only girl in his department and she is undeniably in love with one of his friend called Daniel.

I was not happy about the update, but I was not gonna give up either. I tried to become her friend, got her number and developed an habit of blocking her up in late night class where she does her reading. People started noticing us and it didn’t take so long before rumours were born and it grew quickly. I showed her love, care and unutterable attention, but I never told her how I deeply feel because I never have been able to ask a girl out. Instead, I decided to show it rather than say it.

Daniel came to my room on a sunny Saturday afternoon with another coursemate, Emeka to continue an assignment given to them. They were yet to end it when a conversation came up about a girl who loved Daniel. They teased Daniel about the fact that he couldn’t take advantage of the girl and he has he been so gentle with women. Daniel wanted to prove his virility, he then made a bet with his friend that he’d make sure he made love with the girl.

That night, I met her as usual in class where she reads and asked her how she feels about Daniel. She poured out her feelings for him. I was jealous and sorry for her at the same time because she was a subject of gamble amongst incorrigible men.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I decided to let her know how I feel about her. I sent her a text late in the afternoon with hope of getting her response in the night where we usually meet. I got to the class that night, she was already there. My heart was beating pitter-patter, I couldn’t afford a tiniest look into her eyes. I sat, focusing all my attention on my bag that has the books I want to read.

After I had settled down, she asked me out so we could have a discussion. I already knew the subject matter, but I was uncertain and scared of what the body would be like. After few minutes of a companionable silence, it was punctuated by her anger and rant about the kind of text I sent her. She made me realised how much she hated such text and warned never to receive such from me again.

I returned to the classroom to obtain my books and left for my hostel with a crushed heart. Bitterness arrests my soul, hell became lose upon me. I was breathless, for someone I so much love just turned me down in the worst possible manner. I couldn’t talk to anyone I met on the way. I got to my room and went straight to lay on my mattress. I beckoned on sleep to give me a sweet embrace so I can bury my pain in the wrap of his hands. Not so long, sleep heeded my beckoning but it was altered by the ascending noise of my roommates who had been robbed of their valuables. It took no long for me to discover I’ve been robbed too. My phone has been taking away by gifted hands.

I graduated that year, never attempting to woo her anymore. I was sated enough with the ridicule she had offered me.


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